Regardless of whether you need a single printout or you are looking for permanent cooperation in prototyping, you’ve come to the right place!

and short series

3D printing technology works best when creating prototype copies of the final product.

Large prints
without joints

The maximum print size in one piece, without the need for any gluing of the parts, is: 1020 x 630 x 510 mm.

wide selection of materials

We print with any materials available on the market in the form of a line with a diameter of 1.75 mm or 3 mm, on 1, 2 and 5 kg spools.

accuracy of machines
and prints

Thanks to the rigid structure and precise calibration, we achieve print repeatability of 0.01 mm.


Checking assumptions

We are not able to simulate everything in a 3D modeling program. The exact dimensions, fit, concentricity of the holes or even the physical grasping of the scale of our work, it is possible only after making the first piece. This is where 3D printing comes in handy: it is the perfect way to inexpensively verify and confront the product with relentless reality.

Large-size prints

Thanks to a large number of completed orders from the industry sector as well as our own designs, we have specialized in large-size printing. In our portfolio you can find, among others, orders for demonstrative models of bicycle frames, car parts, furniture, workshop elements, housings for household appliances and machine parts. Everything was printed in its entirety, without the need for gluing or twisting.


We print difficult things right away

… and impossible only after testing. Precise temperature control of the head allows printing with virtually all available filaments, including polyamides (PA) with the addition of glass or carbon fibers, and flexible thermoplastics. Thanks to this, we print utility tools and production devices, such as rulers or holders with high strength and quality requirements.

Individual Approach

Every day we use our machines to implement our own projects. We perfectly understand the importance of the compliance of the actual print dimensions with the CAD model. We also know that there are no two models alike. We approach each project individually and adjust printing parameters precisely to the client’s expectations.


Check out what we can do

Send us the model and write to us what you need and we will answer you with a reliable, realistic quote. If you are not sure how to achieve the desired result, it does not matter – we will advise you at all stages.