Urbicum – Polish manufacturer of industrial 3d printers based in Krakow
We’ve been building 3D printers since 2013. From the beginning, we have been introducing our solutions that result from the need for fast and reliable production of prototypes and usable parts.
We do not think standard, and we do not copy our competition, we look for innovative paths and solutions. This makes our devices number one choice for 3D printers, production plants and scientific and research units.

Our products

Urbicum MX

Industrial printer with compact external dimensions and a large working area. Perfect for testing, prototyping and supporting production processes.

Urbicum DX

Compact size printer at an attractive price. Ideal for studio, office and supporting small production.

Urbicum GX

Large-size industrial printer adapted to fast and continuous operation. It is excellent for both prototype creation and uses in the production process.

We produce fastest 3d printers on the market

element drukarki 3d urbicum

Our efforts and many years of experience have resulted in 3D printers enabling production by an incremental method up to 4 times faster than our competitors!